Westwood College - Crazy Board Marketing

Are you the one who comes up with all the clever ideas? Do you see the potential in new products and know just how to tell the world about them so that they’ll react? Then surely you’d be best-suited for a career advertising two-for-one pizza in front of a lunch stand. Watch as this guy is about to be blown away by the revelation that his good ideas could be put to better use.

In a new ad campaign from Westwood College, they depict the lives of people who wandered into accidental careers, far from their dreams, but haven’t let it get away from them completely.
Westwood College is ideal for students who desire an associate’s or bachelor’s degree without the investment in a traditional four-year university. Westwood College offers accelerated career-based degree programs in both a campus setting and via online courses.
Learn more about the campaign at Westwood Help or get more information about Westwood College.
This post is a paid advertisement by Westwood College.