What Not to Wear to an Interview

Think you’re ready for that interview just around the corner? Think again. You may have thought you picked out the perfect outfit for the big day, but, to be sure, check out this list of what not to wear to the job interview.
Cologne or perfume: You’re interviewer may be allergic to certain fragrances, or he or she may not like that particular scent. Either way, your best bet is to just take a shower the day of the interview, and don’t forget the deodorant.
Bow ties: Sure, they’re cute and interesting, but your future boss may find them quirky and may not take you seriously. Play it safe and wear a solid-colored tie.

Tight suit/ tight dress: Even if you’re fit, it is still not appropriate to wear an outfit that you can barely breathe in. With that said, you don’t want to wear anything too baggy either. Opt for a suit that is tailored to your body, or a dress that gives you a noticeable waist line.
Flashy jewelry: Men, you should take out your earrings and limit your accessories to a watch and a wedding band, if necessary. Women, leave the dangly earrings at home and wear studs. Anything that is too sparkly may distract your interviewer. Instead of listening to you, he or she may be mesmerized by your obnoxious costume jewelry.
Casual attire: This may sound like a no-brainer, but if your potential place of employment has a laid-back dress code policy, you may think it’s OK to wear jeans to an interview. The best way to pick out an interview outfit is to figure out what you would wear if you worked there, and kick up a notch. For instance, if you know your potential co-workers wear jeans to work, choose khakis and a nice polo to wear to the interview. If you know that dress slacks and collared shirts are a part of the everyday attire, opt for a full-fledged business suit.