What You Need to Know about Adult Education

Guest blogger Elizabeth Kraus is the co-founder of, the Honest College Matchmaker, a fast, free and unbiased site that helps students make their college choice.
So you’re considering going back to college, but unlike most 18-year-olds, the number of hot co-eds and frat parties on campus just aren’t that important to you. So what do you need to think about when you choose a college?
Here are a few things to consider about adult education.
1) Your schedule: Juggling college classes with business meetings and little league games can be difficult. Be realistic about your schedule and consider schedule-friendly programs like distance online learning or flex programs.
2) Accreditation: One of the biggest mistakes nontraditional students make when choosing a degree is ignoring accreditation. Most colleges have either regional or national accreditation. There are advantages to both, but make sure you understand which one is right for you.
3) Market Trends: Make sure the job outlook for your degree program will be good when you graduate. My friend who just finished his MBA in real estate learned this the hard way. Just because the industry is booming now, doesn’t mean it will be when you graduate.
4) Cost: Many people think a college degree will land you a high paying job the minute you graduate. While college graduates overwhelmingly earn more than high-school graduates, not all professions have high starting salaries. Make sure you understand your earning potential before you bury yourself in student debt.
Make sure to do your homework, but don’t get discouraged. A college degree is the most important way to ensure your happy future. For more information, check out more tips on to help nontraditional students make their college choice.