Whatever It Takes Chronicles Harlem Children's Zone Program

The book “Whatever It Takes” chronicles the Harlem Children’s Zone Program and takes an in-depth look at the program as well as the program’s President and CEO, Geoffrey Canada.
Author Paul Tough, who is an editor for the New York Times, researched the program for five years prior to writing the book. He took the time to interview parents and students that are actually participating in the program.
President and CEO Geoffrey Canada has spent the past 20 plus years leading the program and getting results for children in poor homes. The programs offered are for children from the ages of birth through high school.
Canada has devoted himself to the Harlem Children’s Zone to making sure that children get the education and skills needed to lead fulfilling lives, and keep them from falling through the cracks into a life of crime.
The Harlem Children’s Zone Programs include numerous activities for kids, including the Promise Academy Charter School, which has been very successful in helping students academically by getting students test scores to the appropriate level for their grade and getting students into the most appropriate college following graduation.
Having a president and CEO like Geoffrey Canada has been a benefit not only for the Harlem Children’s Zone Program, but also afforded many children in poor or poverty level homes to have a chance at success. He breaks down the barriers and allows children a quality of life that wouldn’t normally be available because of their economic status.
“Whatever it Takes” has also received high praises from former President Bill Clinton, Essence Magazine, O Magazine, GQ Magazine and the founder of Teach for America, Wendy Kopp.
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