When Meeting a College Roommate on Facebook Goes Wrong

We thought this was too good not to share with you. What started at CollegeHumor is making its way around the Web faster than a rumor in the dorm.
What is pasted here is an excerpt from an exchange between two new college roommates on Facebook. Nolan originally reached out to Jordan to make the transition to living together in a 10×10 cell, I mean room, a little more amicable. Nolan, a pre-med student, volunteered to bring the fridge and asked that Jordan bear some of the responsibility by bringing the microwave. Jordan argued that by bringing the Xbox and a TV that Nolan should go ahead and pick up the microwave “with a popcorn setting.”

This really is almost too good to be true. A couple of learning points here for other incoming college freshmen:

  • Making an early attempt to meet your new roommate – GOOD
  • Making early assumptions about your new roommate – BAD
  • Being honest about your financial situation – GOOD
  • Being arrogant – BAD
  • Requesting from housing services that you be moved to a more compatible living situation – GOOD

You can see more of this conversation at CollegeHumor.