Yale and Columbia Reinstate the Navy R.O.T.C. Program

For decades, there has not been any type of military presence on Yale University‘s campus. R.O.T.C programs across the country were kicked off college campuses during the Vietnam War, when students protested against the war. However, more recently, these programs have been kept off campuses at many schools due, in a large part, to the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy regarding homosexuality, which many students disapproved of. This policy was recently overturned, and now, Yale officials have signed an agreement with the Navy to reinstate a R.O.T.C program at the school, starting in the Fall 2012 semester.
The idea to reinstate a R.O.T.C program began last fall, when a student survey found that a majority of Yale students were in favor of renewing the relationship between the Navy R.O.T.C program and the school. A vote by Yale’s faculty in early May sealed the deal, allowing R.O.T.C to become a part of campus life again.

“The new Navy R.O.T.C unit at Yale continues the university’s proud tradition of educating students who serve our country’s armed forces,” said Richard Levin, Yale’s president.
Yale isn’t the only prestigious school that is restoring R.O.T.C programs on its campus. In April, Columbia University announced plans to restore the program on its campus and the school’s president, Lee Bollinger, signed a formal agreement last week with the Navy.
Undergraduates at Yale who are involved in the R.O.T.C program will receive military instruction and training on campus. Students from other universities in Connecticut will also be allowed to enroll in Yale’s R.O.T.C program. Things will be a little different at Columbia. The plan at this school is to have an office on campus for active-duty officers to meet with Columbia midshipmen. However, students will take their classes at the SUNY Maritime College instead of Columbia.
Via NY Times
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