You Need More Than a Watch to Manage Your Schedule

Juggling many different activities has become an art for me. Being involved with scouts and my youth group, playing sports, and managing to stay caught up in school is something that at times can become very difficult for me to manage. After many years of ‘practice’ though, I have finally been able to manage my time with little problems. Although learning time management can be an extremely difficult task in itself.
In middle school, I never found myself coming home worrying about finishing homework before going out and doing something else that night. I never had homework in middle school because all my classes were easy. Once I was in high school though, things changed drastically. I had to worry about homework before I could do anything else, or else I wouldn’t be going to bed at a decent time. Some nights, especially during softball season, I would be up extremely late and be exhausted the next day, which would start a chain reaction, repeating that same cycle night after night for too long. Eventually I realized my time management skills weren’t up to par and that was something I needed to fix before my grades started slipping or my performance in sports started slipping.
After working hard at it for many weeks, eventually I got a routine under my belt that allowed time to just relax, then do homework along with any other activities I may have on any given night. Each year I have applied the same routine and although it takes a while to get back into the swing of things after a summer, I will slowly work my way back into this routine this year and its even more important for me this year considering how much I have to do with college applications and IB requirements!
This blog is meant to tell you that if you plan on being as activity involved as I am, then you need to be able to manage your time! Time management is key, especially for someone who is as busy as I am throughout the school year. With time management, everything will not seem as overbearing to you and you will be able to juggle things in a much better fashion than without time management. If you are someone who needs to write things out, make yourself a schedule! With time frames to do certain activities or if you are like me, just start doing a routine and eventually everything will settle into place, making things much easier on yourself. Time management is a great thing to have, especially for high school and college!