Young Voters for Obama: A Major Factor

Think your vote doesn’t count and that politicians don’t listen to you? This election, perhaps more than any time in history since the election of John F. Kennedy in 1960, young voters may make a major impact on this presidential election And, according to the Harvard Institute of Politics, evidence strongly suggests that the impact that young voters are having is in favor of Barack Obama.
According to a study released by the institute, a whopping 56 percent of young voters are supporting Obama, whereas only 30 percent of young voters have expressed support for John McCain. Moreover, the study found that young voters are significantly more excited about Obama than they were about John Kerry in 2004, which could translate into more actual votes come election day from students and other young people.
So, students, whether you’re an Obama fan or not, be sure to vote on election day! There’s a good chance that voter turnout among young people will reach record numbers, which means that the days of politicians ignoring the needs of younger voters may be ending. Need more convincing? Here are five reasons why college students need to vote.