Your Thanksgiving Holiday and Travel Guide

Thanksgiving is upon us and so is one of the nation’s biggest travel seasons. We’ve compiled a list of Thanksgiving and holiday-travel resources here on EDU to get you ready for some holiday fun!
Food and drinks are an integral part of celebrating this November, but they don’t have to wreck your diet if you’re informed on your choices.
Best and Worst Drink Choices at Holiday Parties
Best and Worst Pies to Indulge in This Holiday Season
Five Tips for Not Gaining Weight During the Holidays
Easy and Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes
Safely Celebrate the Night Before Thanksgiving

Planes, trains and automobiles can be expensive.I’m sure you want to do it all on a budget and we want to help. Don’t forget to protect yourself from the onslaught of coughing and sneezing travel companions who are sure to join you!
Travel Home for the Holidays on the Cheap
The Best Holiday Train Deals for Students
The Best Holiday Airline Deals for Students
The Best Holiday Car Rental Deals for Students
Stay Healthy During Travel Season
Stay Safe During Travel Season
And everything in between because there’s no way we can cover it all, but we’d sure like to try!
Celebrating Thanksgiving Solo Can Still be a Blast
Black Friday 2010 Student Discounts

Tips for Enjoying the Holidays at Home
Five Things Every Student Should be Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving from EDUinReview!