Zayn Malik: Which University did he attend?

Now running solo, Zayn Malik once belonged to one of the most popular boy bands in history: One Direction. This group of five formed after being teamed up on the UK’s version of the X-Factor; due to unnamed reasons, Zayn chose to escape the spotlight and leave the band in 2015. His first solo album, titled Mind of Mine, released worldwide on March of 2016. His time in One Direction apparently left him with a lot of fans. Mind of Mine debuted on the top of the charts in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, and the United States. While he always had a love of singing and performing, Malik was not always a teenage heartthrob; he started out as a simple student at Lower Fields Primary school.
Zayn was born in Bradford on January 12th of 1993 to Yaser and Patricia Malik. While seemingly not overly religious himself, the entirety of the Malik family, including his three sisters, belong to the Muslim faith. Aside from being the motivation for many racially-motivated attacks, this fact does not feature too heavily into his story. After his graduation from Lower Fields Primary, he moved on to complete his education Tong High School. Featuring state-of-the-art education and a modern style of teaching, it was at here that Malik discovered a deeper interest in music. During his time there, he appeared in a variety of school theatre productions and took a variety of performance classes. Malik also began to author and write his own raps.
While he ultimately did not go on to college, he once planned to graduate and pursue an English degree at a nearby university. Judging by his website, a touring circuit seems to be in his future.