Zimride Offers a New Way to Carpool

Many college students today are concerned with being economically- and environmentally-friendly. One popular way to live green is to share a car or carpool. This reduces the CO2 emissions in the air, which improves the quality of the air we breathe and also helps protect the ozone.
If you are not concerned about CO2 emissions and protecting the environment, another benefit of carpooling is that you might not have to look as hard for a parking spot. If the number of individual drivers goes down, then there will be fewer drivers trying to find spots to park their cars on campus. I know at my school, finding a parking spot is a huge problem, and we do carpool with the sole purpose of making it easier to find a place to park.
So obviously, carpooling is a great idea. But how can you find someone who is going to the same places you are at the same time?
This is where Zimride comes into the picture.
Zimride is a “simple way to find friends, classmates and coworkers going the same way you are.” Zimride was created especially for colleges, universities, and corporate communities to help people who commute in similar areas find carpool buddies. There are even Facebook and Twitter applications to help you find fellow commuters.
“Zimride is hands-down the best ride-share service I have come across,” said a representative from Cornell University. “It is simple, easy to use, and engages the entire campus population.”
Zimride currently has campus programs at more than 35 colleges, including UCLA, University of Michigan, and University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. In addition to the private college, university, and corporate communities, Zimride offers a public system to allow everyone to use this free, economically-friendly program.
So, next time you have to head to class – or anywhere else in your community – check out Zimride before you start up your car’s engine. Chances are, you will be able to find someone to share a ride with, and therefore, help out the environment, save some cash, and not have to fight for a parking spot on campus.

  • Help save the environment by reducing automobile CO2 emissions
  • Save money on car expenses and gasoline
  • Completely free to students and public users


  • Have to coordinate your schedule with someone else
  • Might not be available in your community

Check-out Zimride.