ZipCar: An Easy Car Sharing Program for Students

I go to a big university where about half of all students have a car. For the other half, they rely on the bus system or their friends to give them a ride.
My roommate did not have a car for one semester, and she really wanted one. Sometimes she would borrow my car or another friend’s car, but she wasn’t insured to drive our cars and she always had to fill up the gas tank after she was done using the car. It was an inconvenience for everyone involved, but there really was not a better solution. That is, until now.
A new company has made car sharing not just easy, but cost-effective and eco-friendly. ZipCar allows anyone to reserve a car and borrow it whenever they need. The process is very easy. All you have to do is join the program, reserve a car, and drive.
Members of ZipCar have a ZipCard that unlocks thousands of cars around the world. The cars are filled up with gas and are insured for every driver. Users can reserve a car for several hours or all day by simply making a phone call or filling out the online form. Then, they hop in the cars and drive away. When you are finished, return the car to it’s designated parking spot. That’s all there is to it.
Students benefit from this program because they do not have to handle all of the stresses of car ownership. Also, this program is environmentally-friendly because it reduces the number of cars on the road, therefore reducing the amount of air pollution from automobiles.
ZipCar is currently available at Stanford, Yale, University of California-Berkeley, and University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, in addition to more than 100 other schools in North America.
So if you do not own a car but need access to one, check out ZipCar. It is the most efficient and hassle-free way to borrow a car while on campus.